This is not what I campaigned for – Kwaku Yeboah fires Normalization Committee

After eleven months and pocketing $11,000 as monthly salaries within the said period, it has now dawned on Dan Kwaku Yeboah that the Kofi Amoah-led Normalization Committee has nothing good to offer Ghana football.

In a move that many have described as jumping a sinking ship, Kwaku Yeboah on Friday, August 30 notified the committee of his decision to withdraw his services as spokesperson of the organization with just few weeks left for the committee to complete its works.

Even before the committee comes out to confirm receipt and acceptance of the letter, the ace broadcaster is already casting aspersions and insinuations at the members and also questioning their competence.

Dan, who according to speculations was forced on the committee by the government endured a torrid time as the mouthpiece of the organization as he was most of the time left in the dark over key decisions made by the committee.

It has been widely reported that despite being the official spokesperson, the committee always bypassed him and entrusted communication duties into the hands of another journalist who was their initial preference.

As he leaves his post, the former GJA Sports Journalist of the Year has aimed a dig at Kofi Amoah and his cohorts.

Speaking for the time on his resignation, Kwaku Yeboah said “If you are able to jump from accident-bound vehicle, you don’t get injured when the car finally falls into a pit. When you look at the intentions of President Akufo-Addo, the support and goodwill received by the committee from Ghanaians and you look what going on now, you should see a deviation from the original plan. I will speak out at the right time but a lot has changed from the initial plan”

“We criticized the former administration but this is not the kind of leadership we bargained for in all honesty. People ask why I did not resign earlier but I will say it is better late than never”, he said on Peace FM.

Leaving with a legacy

Despite not enjoying the best of support from his superiors, Kwaku Yeboah is proud of his achievements which according him to includes the setting up a of new website for the Ghana Premier League as well a communication policy which he believes if adopted will be a breadth of fresh air for the communication channel of the association.

“I sent my resignation last Friday and I don’t care if they accept it or not. I’m done with my work. One thing I’m really excited about which beholds on the next administration to accept or reject is a media policy which I have made for the FA. Based on the consultations I had, I’m confident that the policy will serve Ghana football well”, he said.


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