After several months of vigorous workout at the gym, Kumawood actress Benedicta Gafah have proved her doubters wrong.

The popular Ghanaian actress and media personality has set the internet on fire with photos from her workout at the gym, flaunting her newly acquired booty.

Her huge backside goes long way to show that one with flat a$$ can also undergo gym workout because it works better than just going for surgery to enlarge ones butt.

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Miss Gafah’s body shape has a topic that interests most netizens. It’s believed that the Kumawood actress either has undergone knives to enlarge her butt or wears hip pad to make them big and firm.

The discussion has been going on for sometime and finally, she has in her own way proved that she worked for her huge butts hence the release of the new photos on social media.

See the photos below: