Hello everyone, you’re welcome to the maiden edition of Ghana Articles Celebrity Profile of the Week. In this category, we seek to inform and educate you about Ghanaian Celebrities and other celebs from across the world.

Today, we are going to unmask and revealed fast rising Ghanaian artiste Shatana: 6 things you don’t about her;

Riyana Pappoe is a fast rising Ghanaian artiste, popularly known as Shatana on stage. She’s a sister to the late popular ‘Poulele’ hitmaker, Terry Bonchaka. When she came out to revealed the late Terry Bonchaka is her biological brother, many Ghanaians tagged her as ‘opportunist’ who wanted to use his image to rise to the top in the Showbiz industry.

Ghanaarticles.com, can confirm she is the biological sister of the late musicians, and were born and raised by the same parents.

After weeks of intensive investigations and conversations with Shatana, we finally concluded on these 6 things you would want to know about her:

  1. She is the only artiste to stop indecent twerking on live performance on stage by another celebrity – recall that we reported on a video which went viral on social media  which captured Shatana spanking Akuapem Poloo on Stage. During an exclusive interview with Ghanaarticles.com, Shatana explained that Akuapem Poloo only mounted the stage and started twerking instead of doing the needful hence beating her.

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2. She’s the only celebrity in Ghana who has been able to change and transform a prostitute to be someone important in life.

3. The youngest female celebrity to win Ghana Leadership Awards – Ghana Leadership Awards is an event that seeks to celebrate and recognise most outstanding and exemplary leadership that positively impacts the development of Ghana and Africa as a whole. This year’s event was held on the theme “The Leadership Future of the Ghanaian and the African Youth” and surprisingly, Shatana grabbed the award by storm and in all, she swiped three awards from the event

  1. She also has created jobs for the youth – Shatana has created an occupation for the jobless in her locality and even beyond (i.e) farming, bakery, make-up and restaurants. Something you you raely see some celebs do in this country.
  2. She has a foundation that caters for orphans, widows, rape victims and transformed prostitutes – One of the prestigious thing Shatana has swept Ghanaians off their feet is the setting up of a foundation even though she is young. Aside her philanthropically works, it is said that she empowers and monitor women and the youth.
  3. Shatana is mostly seen educating the youth through her music, interviews, creative arts platforms encouraging them to be self-dependence and to stop exposing their nudity on social media, and to use their strength and talent positively. Whilst other celebrities are busily selling themselves for money, Shatana is always inspiring and impacting lives via her creative gift and other ways.

Below is a list of her songs:

  1. ‘Let Me Talk’

2. ‘Moesha Mobile Money’


Source: Ghanaarticles.com