Fans of Kim Kardashian have slammed the American media personality and actress for a comment she made during an interview.

The socialite and model in her submission said the coronavirus happened to give the planet a “needed break.”

The 39-year old businesswoman shared her beliefs about the ongoing pandemic – which has killed more than one million and infected 35 million people around the world – in her latest interview.

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Kim admitted she looks at the virus outbreak as a “reset” for the planet.

“I’m the type of person that respects the process, that respects what’s going on in the world” she told Grazia.

“Maybe our planet needed a break. Maybe we all needed a break. Maybe this was the reset? I try to look at it that way.”

But it appears her fans have taken the comment as “insensitive” and were left furious at the star over her suggestion.

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Read some of the comments from her fans:

One scolded: “Easy to call it a “break” when you are a billionaire. Working class people ain’t getting no “break”, but you wouldn’t know about that.”

“Give me a break. OMG that’s so ignorant it’s not even worth it,” wrote another user.

Another commented: “Yet none of the Kardashians got sick. The universe is a fickle thing.”