Election is a formal decision making process by which a population chooses an individual or multiple individuals to hold public office.

Elections are associated with violent and misunderstandings, That is why consistent peace is promoted during and after the election. Below are the ways to ensure peace during and after an election

First of all, Obey rules and protocols that are set to regulate the election. Many people especially in Africa undermines the laws and the rules set by the electoral commission and the security services to regulate the doing during and election. Floating these rules may undermine the peace of the election


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Secondly, We should be each others keeper. Having a mindset of protecting your fellow will prevent an individual from hurting someone all in the name of I am supporting this party so you are my enemy. Having this mindset will ensure a peace election.

Also, Do not engage in any electoral malpractice. Electoral malpractices such as stealing of ballot boxes, miscounting of votes and Cheating can cause chaos during an election. Therefore everyone is encourage to be a good citizen.

Furthermore, Security agencies are to carry out their duties without any intimidation from any external force especially the ruling government. To ensure peace in an election the security agencies are to be devoid of any control by any external force.

Finally, There should be a conscious effort in promoting peace during and after an election. The public should have the mindset of promoting peace only during an election, doing this there will not be any negative mindset towards the election.