Kofi Karikari Peprah, Herbal doctor and Manager of Givers Industries, also known as Doctor KK has revealed that masturbation has the tendency to cause forgetfulness in men.

In a lengthy interview on eTV Ghana, the “In Bed With Adwen” adult education show, he explained that there are many known negative effects of masturbation.

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However, forgetfulness is one that a lot of people do not know about.

Speaking to the host, Adwen the Love Doctor, he said, “People who masturbate sometimes experience the effects on their brain. It is either they become easily forgetful or it goes so far as driving them mad.”

Dr KK added that some people have their effects so bad that they are not to control themselves when in the presence of a woman.

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“Someone can come across a woman that he likes and try talking to her. Just by having a conversation with her, he might cum,” he revealed.

According to him, masturbation is only acceptable if it to provide sperm as a sample for a medical test.

He mentioned that any doctor who approves masturbation for any reason aside this is a bad doctor.

Source: Ghanaarticles.com