General Secretary of the Governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) John Boadu has supported the Number One position of Nana Addo on the ballot paper for the December 7 elections.

Mr. John says God has proven to the whole world and Ghana that the New Patriotic Party is the number one in bringing almost everything to Ghana.

In a statement made by Mr.Boadu, he said “In terms of infrastructural development, in terms of managing the economy, in terms of getting financial in terms of everything in this country. Nana Addo has paved the way, he is the Number One.

“We wouldn’t have had any problem being placed anywhere on the ballot because Nana Addo is well known, the NDC people know him well and they are going to vote for him .

“Only that God wants to prove to the whole world that the New Patriotic Party is the Number One party in Ghana. It is the number in development and Number One in bringing Free SHS. We are Number One in bringing almost everything in this country.”