The 2016 independent presidential candidate,Jacob Osei Yeboah , has lamented to some Journalist today, of how the NDC and NPP has failed the nation.

Mr Jacob speaking to journalists after submitting his forms to the Electoral Commission (EC), assured Ghanaians his willingness to serve them. in various capacities to better the country.

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Explaining Further to the journalists, “Kwame Asiedu was also an independent presidential aspirant in 2016 but he couldn’t qualify and so we will all team up and he is going to be the presidential candidate.

“We are going to introduce him in due time . He is such a handsome gentleman, vibrant like myself , highly educated, he has had a lot of international exposure. He is not haughty in his speeches

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“The NPP and the NDC have failed the nation in providing the leadership but as a nation that we are practicing multi-party democracy you can’t throw the NPP and the NDC away.

“But they as a political parties they should rather concentrate on their members of parliament and we as the independent presidential aspirant we are providing the government leadership that this nation needs,” he added.