A throw back photo of Nigerian Afrobeat singer Fela Kuti almost ‘chopping’ Burna Boy’s mother who was one of the dancers of the legendary musician while they performed together has sent tongues wagging on the internet when it was retrieved from the archives.

The compromising situation of these two has set people’s imagination running wild but since it was actually a live performance in from an enthusiastic crowd, we guess nothing ‘serious’ happened, there and then.

Apparently, Burna Boy’s mom– Bose Ogulu has been in the entertainment world for a very long time which she passed on to his son Burna Boy, who now happens to be one of the biggest artistes in Nigeria.

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In the photo, Bose Ogulu, could be seen lying stomach flat on stage while the King of Afro-Pop, Fela Kuti was on her, rocking her backside with his pen drive.


Click here to watch the photo:https://t.me/ghanaarticles/92